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Elsa Boutaric

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Meet Elsa Boutaric

Elsa Boutaric’s Inspirations

Mother. Entrepreneur. World Traveler. Style Expert. Parisian-born Elsa Boutaric is an expert in luxury fashion, helping busy professionals find their signature style by creating a sense of peace and saving time while getting dressed. “My unique core formula is a result of my expertise in top fashion markets including Miami, New York, London, and Paris.” Elsa’s extensive exposure to different backgrounds, cultures, and fashion trends is a result of years of traveling in fast paced fashion meccas around the world. This is how she learned adaptation, efficiency, and the immense power and formula of personal style. Elsa believes everyone deserves to feel renewed each day. As a busy style expert, entrepreneur, world traveler, and mother her goal is to take the difficulty, confusion, stress, and time out of looking your best…down to the very last detail. “When everything is in chaos, I help you get ready so fast…and look so good! That’s my superpower.” ... Show more

Up to 4 hours

Why do it: Whether you want to wow them or simply not have to worry about what to wear, your stylist will find the perfect look for you -- for any occasion.

What you get: A virtual meeting to discuss the event and dress code followed by a custom style board with looks to choose from. Once you land on your desired look, your stylist will add shopping links to your style board or suggest what to wear from your existing wardrobe.

Starting at 2 hours

Why do it: You have so many clothes, but nothing to wear. Your closet needs a cleanout and you just can’t do it on your own.

What you get: A virtual meeting to take inventory of your wardrobe so you can say farewell to what no longer suits you.

Up to 8 hours

Why do it: A few new looks or key pieces will instantly update your look for the season ahead and make getting dressed exciting and effortless.

What you get: First, you'll have a virtual meeting to review your wardrobe. Then your stylist will show you looks perfect for your body shape and lifestyle and create a custom shopping list. After you have made any purchase you want to you will have a final virtual style session.

Up to 14 hours

Why do it: If you're ready for a whole new look to make a statement with you style and feel like your best self each and every day, the (Re)Invention is for you.

What you get: You'll start with a professional edit of your closet, then your stylist will create a custom shopable style board with looks and key pieces that are perfect for you. To put the finishing touches on your wardrobe you'll have a final virtual style session.