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Celebrity Stylist on a mission to help everyone build their style confidence in an easy, accessible way. 
Hollywood Reporter Most Powerful Stylist. Celebrity stylist to Kristen Stewart, Matthew McConaughey, and Ali Wong.
Executive & Celebrity Style Consultant Contributing Style Editor at The Hollywood Reporter. Featured in WSJ, GQ & The New Yorker.
Celebrity and Executive styling team offering full service shopping and styling experience.
Purveyor of flawless outfits for Hollywood A-list, NFL athletes, and the everyday modern woman and man. 
Showing Women They Deserve To Have Great Style 🙌 Featured in InStyle Magazine. 
Expert Personal Stylist for female leaders Featured in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Riviera Magazine OC, and Daily Mail.
Capsule Wardrobe Expert. Style Simplified. Life Transformed.
Styles creative entrepreneurs to help them save time and attract their dream clients 🙌🏻
Style & Fitness Expert. 
Helps people gain confidence through HIIT training & style.
Specializes in making getting dressed simple. Minimize Your Closet. Maximize Your Style.
Mission is to style and uplift women of all walks of life. Everyday styling to help you elevate your outfit.

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Styling Services

Style is a deeply personal expression, and we understand the significance of forming a genuine connection with your stylist.

Pricing is based on the experience level of each stylist and ranges from $75 to $450+ an hour. No subscription required.

The Closet Cleanse

The Closet Cleanse

Starting at 2 hours

Why do it: You have so many clothes, but nothing to wear. Your closet needs a cleanout and you just can’t do it on your own.

What you get: A virtual meeting to take inventory of your wardrobe so you can say farewell to what no longer suits you.

Glamhive Stylist Lauren "Lou" Francis Martens

The Special Event

The Special Event

Up to 4 hours

Why do it: Whether you want to wow them or simply not have to worry about what to wear, your stylist will find the perfect look for you -- for any occasion.

What you get: A virtual meeting to discuss the event and dress code followed by a custom style board with looks to choose from. Once you land on your desired look, your stylist will add shopping links to your style board or suggest what to wear from your existing wardrobe.

Glamhive Stylist Kasia Michaels

The Seasonal Refresh

The Seasonal Refresh

Up to 8 hours

Why do it: A few new looks or key pieces will instantly update your look for the season ahead and make getting dressed exciting and effortless.

What you get: First, you'll have a virtual meeting to review your wardrobe. Then your stylist will show you looks perfect for your body shape and lifestyle and create a custom shopping list. After you have made any purchase you want to you will have a final virtual style session.

Glamhive Stylist Georgia Milton

The (Re)Invention

The (Re)Invention

Up to 14 hours

Why do it: If you're ready for a whole new look to make a statement with you style and feel like your best self each and every day, the (Re)Invention is for you.

What you get: You'll start with a professional edit of your closet, then your stylist will create a custom shopable style board with looks and key pieces that are perfect for you. To put the finishing touches on your wardrobe you'll have a final virtual style session.

Glamhive Stylist Nadine Naue

Just An Hour

Just An Hour

1 hour virtual service

Why do it: Designed for when you want style or outfit advice or a few shopping links for whatever you feel is missing from your wardrobe.

What you get: A one-hour virtual meeting.

Glamhive Stylist Dané Taylor

"I am so excited to bring my background in the fashion industry to personal style. I love collaborating with clients and guiding them to embody not only style but confidence."

Whitney Port, Designer and Stylist

“With Glamhive, I get to go beyond Hollywood and style people all over the world. You want me to curate your wardrobe? I’ve got you!”

Nicole Chavez, Celebrity Stylist

"Fashion should be a source of joy and simplicity. That’s the core of my philosophy and I’m committed to consistently create new and innovative approaches to broaden the fashion experience for everyone."

Franzy Staedter, Celebrity Stylist

The best tips and style trends from the stylists that know.

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4th of July, But Make It Chic

4th of July, But Make It Chic

 In preparation for the July 4th holiday, we talked to three Glamhive stylists to build 4th of July outfits that are actually chic. Because Americana can so easily walk the line between a Vogue cover and an Old Navy commercial if you’re not careful. Get ready to look your best this 4th of July, from backyard BBQs to beachside parties. 

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A Celebrity Stylist Weighs In On The Top Spring & Summer Footwear Trends

A Celebrity Stylist Weighs In On The Top Spring & Summer Footwear Trends

Celebrity stylist Nicole Chavez highlights the top spring and summer 2024 footwear trends, emphasizing the blend of practicality and style. Chavez observes the dominance of practical footwear on the runways and the enduring popularity of updated classics like ballet flats, Mary Janes, and metallics. This season, couture flip flops make an unexpected appearance, while micro kitten heels stand out as a sophisticated option. 

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Two Expert Stylists Crack The Wedding Dress Code

Two Expert Stylists Crack The Wedding Dress Code

Wedding season is upon us, and with summer weddings come unique wardrobe challenges. But fear not—we've got you covered! From suits to dresses and all the accessories in between, we're here to help you find the perfect outfit. We talked to two expert Glamhive stylists Elly Brown and Alexa Baxt for some professional pointers on how to dress for each summer wedding dress code.

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We hold our stylists in high regard. Here's what our clients have to say about them.


    Kirsten Allegri Williams

    "This was truly and 'ah-ha' moment for me. As a marketing executive, Nadine is helping me to find my personal style for who I am today and the leader I aspire to be. She pushes my comfort zone in an authentic way which is so important in order to stay modern and relevant, especially in a high demand field."


    Gertrude Lyons

    “What I love about Chellie is that she creates a sense of security... like she’s got you. In the midst of my doubts, I felt like she was holding me through all of it.”


    Molly Shulman

    "I started working with Jamie to level up my work and social attire. I felt a bit lost as to what was appropriate for mid 30's. I always had an appreciation for upscale pieces and brands but never knew how to put it all together. Jamie is a total pro, helped me see building an outfit in a whole new way and introduced me to brands and styles I never considered as a chronic online shopper. Best of all - she’s non judgmental and fun to hang out with during the process.

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