“Style matters. People who dress better do better. We believe that access to these coveted experts shouldn’t be reserved for the rich and famous—nor limited to the red-carpet occasions of a person’s life.”

Stephanie Sprangers, Founder & CEO

At Glamhive, we believe that the better you feel in your skin and style, the more empowered you’ll be in reaching your full potential. Everyone should have access to expert stylists.

With a roster that spans the most influential celebrity stylists to the industry’s top emerging talent, Glamhive stylists have brought out the best in celebrities, Fortune 500 CEOs and business executives—and we can do it for you too.

Your Personal Brand

Ever notice how your style reflects your vibe? Our stylists can help you show up as the real you—whether it's with friends, clients, colleagues, or business partners.

Stephanie Sprangers, Glamhive’s Founder & CEO, is a tech exec-turned-entrepreneur and lifelong style seeker.

Having spent years bouncing between business meetings, creative brainstorms and nonstop travel, she discovered firsthand how working with a personal stylist to achieve the right look could elevate her confidence and help her harness her potential—and she started Glamhive to give everyone that opportunity.

Stephanie knows that you don’t have to be born with great style to have great style. Working with a personal stylist shouldn’t be reserved for the rich and famous—nor should it be limited to the red carpet occasions of a person’s life.

Stephanie’s genuine interest in the success of each Glamhive stylist has helped her recruit the industry’s top talent and create something unique to the fashion industry. She is on a mission to support both stylists who want to build their businesses, and clients who want to live their best lives—in style.