Meet Your Virtual Stylist

Get Styled. Virtually.

We understand that style is personal, and we want you to know and love your stylist! Whether it's a one-time need for style advice or someone to help you develop and refine your wardrobe each season, we have a range of stylists at various price points to get the job done.

How Does Virtual Personal Styling Work?

1. Choose Your Stylist

Glamhive is the largest community of celebrity, expert, and emerging stylists. View their profiles and learn more about them.

2. Book A Service

Select from The Closet Cleanse, The Special Event, The Seasonal Update, The (Re)Invention or Just an Hour. No subscription required.

3. Meet Your Stylist

Meet your stylist, discuss your preferences, and start working together to elevate your style into what you've always envisioned.

4. Get A Style Board

Your stylist will create a custom Style Board with images and looks that embody your new style.

5. Get Curated Shopping Links

Your stylist will add shopping links to the items you need to achieve your desired style. Purchase anything you like.

6. Receive Styling Advice

Once you receive your purchases, schedule a video call to try on and make decisions together on what to keep, what to return, and how to style.

Want Help? Let Us Be Your Matchmaker.

We love seeing the magic that can happen between a stylist and client when they have the perfect connection. Style is very personal and you need to make sure you love your stylist and the vision they have for you.

A Personal Styling Experience

“I decided to hire a stylist because I was in a rut. A lot of clothes but nothing to wear! The closet edit with Kasia was very therapeutic. I was able to let go of many items I had been hanging on to for much too long. Kasia was great at helping me let go, and it felt so great!! The shopping experience was exceptional. Kasia has an intuitive sense of a person’s style and she really understood my body shape. She picked clothes for me that made me look great and confident!

I love everything. Classy, elegant, sexy, feminine, and comfortable!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Glamhive a subcription service?

No. Finding and hiring a stylist does not require a subscription. We believe personal styling is personal and unique to each individual.

How long does it take to get matched?

We are committed to a finding your stylist in 48 hours. We will stay in close communication with you while you make your decision.

How many stylists are part of Glamhive?

The Hive is made up of over 7,000 celebrity, expert, and emerging stylists. They are professional and passionate about their trade.