/ˈdapər/ adjective: Often used to describe a man who's looking particularly smart and handsome.

Up Your Game

Dapper by Glamhive is exclusively for men. Our stylists have styled world-class athletes, A-list actors, and businessmen from executives to the C-Suite. Ready to walk into a room and have everyone (or that someone special) do a double take? We're here for you.

Image: Featured Men's Stylist Andrew Weitz, The Weitz Effect

Meet Your New Stylist

If money, power, and respect are the keys to life, use your wardrobe to get there. Our stylists can style you virtually or in person and arm you with looks that will make you feel more confident and become successful. Choose a menswear stylist or complete our Get Matched Quiz, and we will personally match you.

featured men's stylist

Quentin Thrash

Meet Stayfly Thrash, a Style Ambassador who has quickly left an indelible mark on the vibrant Los Angeles fashion scene. Despite his relatively short time in the city, Stayfly Thrash has become a key figure in shaping the latest trends. With an innate passion for fashion and a talent for crafting distinctive looks, he stands as a Fashion Inspiration.

Stayfly Thrash effortlessly brings his natural styling talent to the forefront. Drawing inspiration from the world around him, he possesses a unique ability to make clients feel at ease while encouraging them to embrace new and exciting fashion choices. His expertise has elevated him to the status of a household name in Los Angeles, where he has achieved remarkable success styling numerous celebrities.




With over a decade in curating styles and perfecting wardrobes, Franzy has brought her passion for personalized fashion to her clients.

Born in Germany and rooted in the U.S., her journey from celebrity styling to virtual styling has been about making fashion universally accessible. Franzy's approach combines style creativity with a structured methodology, ensuring a seamless and informed style journey for you.

Franzy has mastered the Art of Styling with a streamlined process, offering high-touch packages for both men and women.


Featured Men's Stylist

Andrew Weitz

Described as one of the best-dressed men in Hollywood, Andrew Weitz uses his innate sense of style to help clients look and feel their very best. Applying a holistic approach, Andrew works from the inside out—first understanding a client’s needs and goals, and then working with them to develop their personal style, build their confidence and ultimately reach a higher level of success in life.

During his successful tenure as a talent agent at William Morris Endeavor (WME-IMG), Weitz found himself constantly sharing tips and knowledge with his celebrity clients and industry colleagues, essentially being their trusted go-to style consultant.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I meet with my stylist in person?

Yes! We can help find a stylist near you or you can choose to pay a travel fee with a stylist to work with them in person. You can email us at getmatched@glamhive.com if you'd like us to match you with a stylist for an in person session.

How long does the matching process take?

Our Get Matched process takes 48 hours.

Does Glamhive require a subscription?

No. Glamhive does not require a subscription to work with a stylist.