Let us be your matchmaker

We’ll find a stylist who just gets you.

1. Your Information

2. What is your reason for wanting to hire a stylist?
I need help cleaning out my closet and deciding what to keep?
I have a special event
I need a wardrobe overhaul
I need a few new pieces to update my wardrobe
I need some quick style advice
3. What type of looks are you wanting to achieve?
I need an outfit for a specific event or trip
I need some new work outfits
I need some off-duty and weekend wear
I need it all!
4. When you have money to spend on your wardrobe what do you choose to buy?
High end desinger clothing only
I splurge on some key pieces and shop contemporary brands for the rest
I try to buy all quality pieces but rarely splurge
I do not like to spend a lot of money on my wardrobe

5. What is your budget for styling?

$200- $500
$1000- $3000
$3000- $5000
Over $5000
6. Do you love any of these style icons?
7. Where do you usually shop?
Zara/Small Boutiques

Still Need Help Choosing A Stylist?

If you would like us to help you find the perfect stylist email us at getmatched@glamhive.com