4th of July, But Make It Chic

Brice Springsteen’s jeans, Ralph Lauren’s equestrian aesthetic, nautical stars and stripes, Beyonce’s Cowboy Carter western wear: these things are the pinnacle of Americana. Yet Americana can so easily walk the line between a Vogue cover and an Old Navy commercial if you’re not careful. In preparation for the July 4th holiday, we talked to three Glamhive stylists to build 4th of July outfits that are actually chic.


Classic Summer White

by Glamhive stylist Jane 

Sticking to the same color palette is not only classic and elegant, it’s a lifesaver for coordinating family photos. As a mom, Glamhive stylist Jane knows how to balance personal style with the needs of the whole family. 

“Anchoring your family's looks in white will keep the overall effect classy and timeless while allowing for a variety of accent colors and patterns to avoid looking too matchy-matchy,” said Jane.  “For your own look, a bright summer white that alludes to mid-century elegance allows you to play with a fun look without limiting the future utility of any pieces."

Jane's 4th of July Style Board

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Jane is a stylist and multi-faceted professional who works with leaders who want to deliver every time. Book a personal styling session with Jane here.



Not Your Typical Red, White, & Blue

by Glamhive stylist Elly Brown

You don’t have to wear red, white, and blue to embody the 4th of July spirit. Elly recommends adding a pop of a red accessory or removing one of the three colors from your overall look. 

When dressing for hot weather, take note of the fabrics you’re choosing. “Make sure to opt for light fabrics like linen in the summer to help keep you cool,” said Elly.

Glamhive stylist Elly Brown's 4th of July Style Board


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Elly Brown is an influencer-turned-stylist based in Houston. Book a personal styling session with Elly here.


Switch-Up the Print: Stars and Shells

by Glamhive stylist Alexa Baxt

If you’re one to dress outside the box, why not play around with print?

“Switch up traditional red, white, and blue stripes for a stand-out look with stars and shell prints,” said Alexa.

If shining bright like a firework is how you express your style, Alexa recommends starry sequins, playful cutouts, or a bold shell clutch. 

Alexa's 4th of July Style Board

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Alexa Baxt is a former celebrity stylist who now helps men and women look great in everyday life. Book a personal styling session with Alexa here.


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