Tips on how to wear the metallic trend with stylist Franzy Staedter

We sat down with celebrity stylist Franzy Staedter to discuss one of the biggest trends this fall: metallics.

Metallic Trend

When asked her thoughts on metallics she said:

It feels like the direction we are headed in this Autumn season is to be a bit bolder. A fun metallic accessory can totally serve you as statement pieces to add a little bit of fashion drama to your outfit.

Also when we add metallic accessories, we introduce texture and shine to an outfit which supports the generally darker and subdued fall color palette. We break it up by adding a dynamic element like metallics and make the whole outfit more versatile because we can elevate both casual and formal outfits by adding a metallic accessory. And speaking of formal, with the holiday season in mind, metallics just give us that touch of glamor and avantgard-ness that we are longing for all Summer long.

I actually just discovered the brand Kara and totally love how they are working with metals and crystals in their bag designs. 

We asked for her styling tips on incorporating metallic accessories into your wardrobe. Here is what she had to say:

Balance is definitely the key here. Metallics are super fun so when creating your outfit make sure you're using metallic pieces as the statement and build around it. Decide what will be the highlight of your outfit like your bag, earrings or shoes. If you decide on a combination, ensure that the pieces flow and vibe well with each other. Best is to lay them next to each other and see if the colors and shapes are in harmony and do not clash. Also consider the occasion when choosing your metallic accessories.  For work you might decide on a metallic piece that is more subtle and reserve the bolder and shinier pieces as well as strong combinations for special events or evenings out. And think about the texture and fabric of your clothing when choosing metallic accessories. For example, metallics can look stunning against soft, flowing fabrics, but they can also add a touch of edge to structured materials like leathers and waxed or coated pieces. And always remember, fashion is personal - there are no strict rules. Feel free to experiment!


Do you have any recommendations for those who are hesitant about embracing the bold aesthetic of metallic accessories?

It’s ok to feel a bit hesitant about diving into the more bold aesthetic of metallic accessories. You can start with neutral metallic shades like champagne, pewter, or bronze. These tones are more understated than bright gold or silver and can be easier to incorporate into your existing wardrobe. You can also look for metallic accessories with matte or textured finishes. These have a softer, more subtle sheen compared to high-shine, reflective surfaces. 

There is also the option of choosing a combination of metallic elements with other materials like leather which is called patent leather. This can tone down the boldness of the metallics and make them feel more integrated.

You can also start with a small dose. Choose one metallic accessory at a time. You can pair a patent leather shoe with a neutral outfit, or add a metallic clutch to a more monochrome or neutral colored outfit. 

Ultimately, confidence is key and fashion is about self-expression. Take your time, experiment, and find the balance that feels right for you. Once you feel confident and comfortable in the metallic accessories that you choose, you'll exude style and poise. 


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