Stylist Spotlight: Chellie Carlson

Want to be magnetic? You need to meet Chellie- one of the top Glamhive stylists! After 25 years in fashion, stylist Chellie Carlson launched a transformational styling business to help each one of her clients feel absolutely magnetic. From a love of Louis Vuitton to a good graphic tee, this powerhouse stylist shares her style loves and current must-haves.


When working with women, what have you found is their common style-painpoint? 

I think the most common pain point I find is not understanding how to dress their bodies. So I find that it's not their bodies that are the issue. It's the clothes they are choosing to put on it. They are not balancing their bodies and then they are not feeling confident when they have a full look on. So ultimately, balancing the body.

What kind of transformations do you see after working with a client?

The transformations are profound — it's anything from attracting that ideal high level partner (yes, it happens!) to seeing clients land that dream job. I've had clients who are real estate agents land every listing appointment that they go on because they feel confident due to their wardrobe. I've had husbands tell me "Chellie, I feel like my wife is a different person. And I find her so attractive because she feels so beautiful in her body". The list goes on and on. 

What is your signature look?

My signature casual look is, of course, a golden goose starting from the shoe. Moving on up to some really cool girl denim, like, ripped in the knees; high-waisted. And then a graphic tee. And, of course, a third piece, strong shouldered blazer. That is my signature look.

What’s your favorite thing about styling people? 

Watching them light up and carry themselves differently.

What can't you live without?

Fendi (my dog).



What is on your wardrobe wish-list?

I'm really into chunky necklaces — St Mirren is a female founded brand that I highly recommend. 

What was your first fashion splurge? 

My first LV bag in 2002. 

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Cookies and Cream. 


Are you a stylist thinking about joining Glamhive? 

"What Glamhive has given me is this incredible style community. When I joined in 2019, I knew no one in the styling industry and after walking in (to the Glamhive LIVE Style Summit) and meeting Stephanie and all these incredible celebrity stylists who were my "expanders", I felt completely at home. I have learned so much from this community from the workshops, to the stylist engagement, the business feedback... I feel like I have a sisterhood within Glamhive — it gives me so much confidence and I cannot recommend it enough."



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