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Knowledge is power. Grab a snack and settle in to learn all the ways you can build your styling business. We add a new webinar or workshop every month.

Glamhive stylists and stylists from around joined us for the first of two workshops with Canva, online visual communications tool, featuring Style Boss Academy Founder, Lauren Messiah and Canva reps for a deep-dive on on visualizing and building your personal and professional brand. 
Join us for an exclusive interview with Jamie Lewis as she candidly shares the challenges, doubts, and triumphs that shaped her journey to building her successful styling business, JBL Styles. Gain valuable insights into the highs and lows of running your own styling business, and discover the secrets behind her ultimate success.

As a stylist, you MUST show up looking incredible digitally. This is the price of entry into the styling business and is not optional if you want a thriving styling business. If you're wondering where to start, feeling stuck, or always improving your digital brand, this webinar with Kirstan is for you!
Style boss Lauren Messiah has taught over 6,000 stylists to turn their passion into a profitable business. In this exclusive conversation with us, she's sharing the things she knows for sure that will make you a success in 2024. Get inspired, and plan your approach to building your styling business.
Kim and Isobel have been in the business of transforming people’s lives through the art of successful dressing for a combined five decades, but nothing gives us more pleasure than to see our students build styling businesses as successful as ours. Our philosophy is, “your success is our success” and we are 100% committed to seeing you achieve your financial and personal goals. Find out what you need to become an Elite Stylist.
Learn how to use Magic Studio, Canva's AI tool, to shorten the time you spend designing your brand. Lauren and Roger will do an IG Makeover In Action so you can apply their tips to your profile. 

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