Just An Hour? How Does That Work?

Everyone has that friend that they text for quick style advice- and if you are reading this blog we are guessing you are that friend! Introducing the Just An Hour service, designed for when you want style or outfit advice or a few shopping links for whatever you feel is missing from your wardrobe or outfit. 

Glamhive Just An Hour Service

How does it work? You will set up a time to talk to your client or get a clear scope on what they would like you to find for them so that you can send them some product options.

How much should you charge for Just An Hour? Your hourly rate! 

What is expected of you? This styling service includes a virtual meeting to go over anything the client wants OR they may choose to message you asking for something specific such as "Can you help me with shoe options for this outfit?" It is really an hour of your time that they can use however they want.  They just need a little help from a stylish bff- and sometimes an hour is all it takes! 

Why do clients do it? They have an outfit that they just can't get right, they need some quick suggestions on a purchase, or they just want to talk style with you for an hour! Many clients use this as a chance to take the outfit are planning on wearing from good to great- with your help! 

Here is a helpful question to ask your client prior to starting the job: Prior to your virtual meeting ask them how they would like to use the time and if they have a specific need for scheduling the hour. 

And depending on their answer, here are some best practices:If they want to have a virtual meeting, keep an eye on your time! Ask if they want to find a solution from their own closet or will want suggestions on what to purchase.  If they want suggestions on what to purchase, tell them you will have about 20 minutes to go over this look and then you will get to work pulling suggestions that you will send to them.  For this one- we suggest having them send you a pic of their outfit so you can use that for the hero image of they style board and then just adding some links of suggestions for what they should purchase.  

If they just want you to take an hour curating the perfect outfit, outfit finishing touches, or that thing they are looking for and cannot fine, we suggest budgeting your time to about 50% and then checking in with the client on what they think.  That way you do not spend the whole hour and then they would like some revisions. 

Trust us, after this they will be back for more! Thank you for making our community so great and our clients so stylish!  

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