I Booked A Closet Cleanse- Now What?

Congrats! Your client booked a Closet Cleanse! Now what? 

The Closet Cleanse is one of our most popular services and THE most satisfying for clients.  


Glamhive Closet Cleanse


How does it work? You will set up a time to review your client's wardrobe (virtually), and together, you'll decide what no longer aligns with them, how to style the pieces they are unsure about, and what they need to add to their wardrobe to get the style you want every day.

How much should you charge for a Closet Cleanse? We say a normal closet cleanse takes up to two hours.  So your hourly rate X2!  That being said, not all closets are one size.  So we suggest covering the size of your client's closet in the consult.  From there you can let them know it will cost more because of the size of their closet or you can let them know you will get through as much as possible in the designated timeframe. 

What is expected of you? This styling service includes a virtual meeting to walk through and talk through your client's wardrobe. They will show you their favorite wardrobe pieces, the ones in question, and if they want, the pieces you plan to get rid of- just for a second opinion. You can also suggest the pieces they should purchase or the holes they need to fill in their wardrobe. 

Why do clients do it? They have a closet full of clothes but "nothing to wear." They are looking for advice on what no longer suits them, how to style what they have, and what is missing from their wardrobe.

Here is a helpful tip to give your client on how to prep: Create piles to show your stylist. The All the Time Pile --these are pieces you always wear. The never pile -- these are things that no longer fit, you don't like to wear, and that no longer make you feel good. The later pile -- These are things you aren't ready to part with but don't want to take up space in your closet or your mind. The How to Wear pile -- these are the things you love but never wear or need to learn how to style.



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