6 Trends We Spotted During Fashion Month in Europe

We see London, we see France… 6 trends we spotted during fashion month in Europe.

As part of our Glamhive community, we want to help keep you up to date on the latest trends reported straight off the runway. 

We have done the legwork for you to find the hottest trends and to give you inspiration to incorporate these styles in your client's fall wardrobes as well as  in your own personal wardrobe! If you are already a Glamhive member, you can download a folder of all these images (and more) here to promote on your social media, newsletters, etc!

1. Olive green. Tiring of red and looking for the new standout color? Try on olive green. 

GlamHive Stylist European 2024 trends

2. Thigh High Boots. Whether layered under mini skirts or ladylike midi lengths, boots soared to new heights. 

GlamHive Stylist European 2024 trends

3. Capes of All Shapes. We saw a few capes at #NYFW, but the trend was solidified in Paris, London, and Milan.

GlamHive Stylist European 2024 trends


4. Lingerie Allusions. Between garters at Saint Laurent and many designers hinting at bra construction in their garments, lingerie was cited heavily for fall 2024.

GlamHive Stylist European 2024 trends
5. Fur Frenzy. From faux to real, no garment is safe from fashion’s fur frenzy. Fur coats, fur bags, and fur shoes popped up runway after runway.
GlamHive Stylist European 2024 trends
6. Transparency. It’s safe to say, the sheer trend is here to stay for at least another season.
GlamHive Stylist European 2024 trends


Contributing trend writer: Alexis Scarlett

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