March Inspirations & Insights

It's that time again: the fashion month hangover. We’re in that period between the promise of carefree spring outfits and the chaos of fashion weeks across the globe. Simultaneously, we’re looking forward to spring and glimpsing into fall while dressing for winter. Feeling dizzy yet?

March is the perfect time for a palate cleanser. Focus on those spring wardrobe building blocks that will provide a base for the trends that may come or go.

March inspiration

We have  pulled some inspiration images for you to sprinkle into your social media, style boards, newsletters and more!  Download the March Inspirations & Insights Content Kit HERE

Trend Insights – Go Western

Cowboy Inspo

Before Beyoncé uttered the words “This ain’t Texas” on her newest country single, Pinterest called out Western as a trend to watch for 2024 in their annual guide. Specifically, they pointed to big hair and the western gothic aesthetic, but overall, western and cowboy related search terms are growing on the app this year. Since the Super Bowl, the term cowboy hat increased on Google, with “Beyonce cowboy hat” increasing by over 1,000%.

With the influence of Beyonce and the year-over-year rise of this trend, investing in western wear is a safe bet over other flash-in-the-pan styles. Creating Reels around ‘how to style cowboy boots’ and ‘how to style a cowboy hat’ are two easy ways to interact with this trend.

Caption inspiration: This ain’t Texas, but you can still wear cowboy boots.

Book a ‘Just an Hour’ session and I’ll pull some amazing cowboy boot outfits that will help you incorporate them into your wardrobe. 



Trend vs Classic – The Little Black Dress is Actually a Blazer

The little black dress is sacred in any fashion lover’s closet, but did you know the LBD increased 11% in positive online sentiment between January and February? The Instagram account @databutmakeitfashion tracked hundreds of online posts to get that figure, and also found that 32% of best-selling lists on high-fashion e-commerce sites feature black clothing.

This brings us to our next fashion question: Is the little black dress actually an oversized blazer in 2024? With corporate fashion on the rise, a black blazer paired with tights is an outfit that checks both trend and classic boxes. How would you modernize the classic LBD?

Caption inspiration: Hear me out.The blazer is the new little black dress. Swipe for new takes on the classic LBD.



Spring Tip - Offer an Exclusive Capsule Wardrobe

Is your name Alexa? Siri? Pinterest? It probably isn’t, so why give away your expertly crafted spring outfit ideas for free? Create a fresh seasonal capsule that mixes trends with tried-and-true staples. Next, tease part of the capsule on social media, but charge for the full lineup.

Picture this as a Reel: an empty clothing rack transforms into a complete capsule as clothes on hangers fill the rack one-by-one at super speed. In the caption, let your audience know how they can access your signature capsule. This is a great opportunity to entice your clients with ‘The Seasonal Refresh’ service.

Caption inspiration: Your spring capsule wardrobe is loading…

Book ‘The Seasonal Refresh’ with me for effortless outfits to last you all spring. 



Oscars Red Carpet - Behind the Screen or Behind the Scenes?

Set your calendar for March 10th.

Behind the Screen: The Oscars red carpet is a great way to engage with your audience in Instagram Stories. Celebrity red carpet looks don’t translate to everyday outfit inspiration, but tonight is the night to indulge in fantasy and fun. Share your favorite ensembles and use interactive polls. 

Behind the Scenes: Are you styling a celebrity on the red carpet? Share the behind-the-scenes. Better yet, take b-roll throughout the night from your perspective and cut together a Reel of small moments the average person wouldn’t normally see. 

Caption inspiration: POV: styling a celebrity for the red carpet


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