April Insights & Inspirations

Are bows overdone? What is so bad about skinny jeans? As fashion trend cycles shorten in the age of viral microtrends, your clients may be feeling dizzy. Spring is the perfect time to talk about reevaluating our relationship with larger trend cycles in favor of finding what works best on a personal level. Current trends like casual elegance and sleek 90s minimalism reaffirm a larger idea: we’re tired. Promote getting back to basics with ‘The Seasonal Refresh” and ‘The (Re)Invention.’


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The New Spring – Top 2024 Spring Trends 


Are we still wearing florals for spring? According to @databutmakeitfashion on Instagram, sentiment towards floral prints are down 15% from February to March. While the data is still new, it makes us wonder which fashion staples are changing before our eyes. We scoured trend authorities like Vogue, Tagwalk, Google Trends, and more to compile a list of 12 trends defining spring 2024.

  1. Casual elegance. Whether you call it quiet luxury or casual elegance, staple pieces like trench coats, t-shirts, button down shirts, and cardigans are getting a luxe reinvention.
  2. 90s minimalism and 90s grunge. Think baguette bags, blazers, slip dresses, capri pants, and straight leg jeans.
  3. Preppy. Polos, rugby stripes, boat shoes, oxfords, and nautical looks are trending this spring.
  4. White dresses. Fashion trend compiler Tagwalk found that white dresses are up 29% on their site.
  5. Light Blue. We cound sky blue is trending in both clothing and in eyeshadow. 
  6. Pastels. Specifically, butter yellow and lilac are trending in 2024.
  7. Sheer and Mesh. We found that transparent skirts and mesh flats are a top categories of the sheer trend.
  8. Micro shorts and minis. Often paired with outerwear for balance, shorts are reaching micro proportions.
  9. Flats. Footwear is getting grounded–ballet flats, sneakers, and oxfords are all top trending shoes.
  10. Romantic. The popularity of draping, rose appliques, and sheer fabrics hint toward romance.
  11. Ladylike. A grown up version of the coquette trend, ladylike dressing often includes matching skirt sets, peplums, cardigans, full skirts, and Chanel-style jackets.
  12. Western. Calling cowboy Carter: fringe, western belts, boots, and cowboy hats are at peak popularity. 


Caption inspiration: Florals? Not this spring. Book a ‘Seasonal Refresh’ with me and we’ll unpack the new trends that go best with *your* style.


Trend Insights – It’s Not Basic, It’s Casual Elegance  

The search for well-made essentials is becoming a sport. In menswear, German brand Merz B. Schwanen experienced astronomic sales when Jeremy Allen White wore one of their t-shirts on the The Bear. Among staples, oversized button-down shirts, the perfect white tee, the white dress, the trench coat, and the little black dress are trending. For social inspiration, we love how Glamhive stylist Kasia Michaels talks about making a t-shirt feel luxe in this Reel.


Caption inspiration: Want to know the secret to the perfect oversized button-down? Book a session with me and I’ll source the simple pieces that will instantly elevate your wardrobe.



Spring Break – 90s Airport Style

90s style is now boarding. As your clients leave the country for spring vacations, the rise of 90s minimalism is the perfect outfit inspiration. In fact, anything Cindy Crawford has ever worn in an airport could be copied today. Among 90s trends, we found that straight-leg jeans, baguette bags, leather belts, leather jackets, blazers, trousers, luxe sweaters, fitted tees, slip dresses and capris are most referenced in 2024.


Caption inspiration: Fly like a supermodel. Book a ‘Just An Hour’ session and I’ll put together some 90s-inspired airport looks that might just get you ‘papped in LAX.



Color Story – Italian Getaway

Color us inspired by this season’s palette of butter yellow, tomato red, lavender, and sky blue, but we're itching to book an Italian getaway. For looks that evoke riding Vespas and eating pasta by the sea, our Reel on spring’s color trends.


Caption inspiration: Italian getaway, booked. Spring’s top colors evoke la dolce vita.


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