Spring Accessories Trends: Where to Splurge and Where to Save with Stylist Kelsey O’Connor

Black cherry slingbacks, strappy ballet flats, and shining bold hardware adorn our shopping carts like blossoms on a budding tree. When it comes to spring accessories, there's nothing like a new trend to signal our fashion reawakening. But before you put on those rose-tinted glasses, know what trends to invest in and which ones to leave on the bandwagon. 

To get some much-needed advice, we talked to Glamhive stylist Kelsey O’Connor about her favorite spring accessories, when to splurge, and ways to save on accessories trends.

What is your philosophy on splurging or saving on accessories?  

“My philosophy revolves around the concept of investment and balance,” said O’Connor. “High-quality leathers, a classic pair of sunglasses, or fine jewelry that I can wear every day are definitely worth the investment because these items retain their value over time.”

Top Spring Accessories Trends

The leading accessory trends for spring and summer 2024 include bold hardware accents across bags, shoes, jewelry, and belts. Kelsey also identified pointed-toe footwear, accessories in black cherry hues, ballet flats, chic shoulder bags, silk scarves, and statement belts as top spring trends. 

“We are also going to see more mesh across bags and shoes,” said O’Connor.

  1. Bold hardware
  2. Pointed toe shoes
  3. Black cherry hues
  4. Ballet flats
  5. Chic shoulder bags
  6. Silk scarves
  7. Statement belts
  8. Mesh

Is there an “it” accessory this season? 

“I am seeing a lot of celebrities and influencers pairing The Row's Margaux Tote with their everyday outfits so I would have to say that right now, it is that bag.”

However, O’Connor encourages honoring your personal style first. “For me, it's not just about having any handbag or shoe, it's about finding the perfect one that speaks to my personal style and meets my standards of quality and design.”

Spring 2024 Trends: Splurge or Save?

One thing to consider when making accessories purchases is that quality should always win out. “Investing in well-made pieces, even if they come with a higher price tag, can often save you money in the long run by lasting longer and requiring fewer replacements,” said O’Connor.

If you could suggest buying three pieces to update your accessory wardrobe right now what would they be?

“I would suggest a classic statement belt, a structured tote bag, and statement jewelry.”

Splurge: Statement Belt

Cassandre Thin Belt With Square Buckle

Aurem Collective No. 2

Splurge: Structured Tote Bag

The Row Soft Margaux 15 Handbag


Jacquemus La Regalo Tote Bag

Splurge: Statement jewelry

Elodie Gold Circle Knot Earring


Seraphine White Fresh Water Pearl Necklace


Bellatrix Gold Chunky Textured Ring


Save: Micro Trends

While O’Connor encourages investing in quality accessories, she notes that trend pieces are a great way to experiment with your style. “Trends in accessories tend to come and go pretty quickly so for this reason, I am saving on these types of pieces,” said O’Connor. “It allows me to experiment with current styles without breaking the bank, knowing I can easily replace them when the trend fades.” Trends that explode quickly (like bows in 2023) or say, a hot color you don’t normally wear are good examples of things to save your money on.

Save: Shop Your Closet

Hold on to your carts. Before buying every new trend, a trusted stylist can help you evaluate gems already in your closet. 

“One accessory that remains on trend and is likely already in most people's closets is belts,” said Kelsey. “These timeless accessories can effortlessly elevate any outfit and continue to be a fashionable choice season after season.”

What are your favorite accessories in your own wardrobe?

“Definitely my YSL Cassandre belt that I shared above, my gold statement earrings that I thrifted, and my Gucci GG Slingback pumps–classic pieces that can be worn with so many different outfits!”

What’s your favorite styling service for those who want to incorporate new trends into their existing closet?

“I'd say my favorite is the seasonal refresh service! There's nothing quite like diving into my clients' closets, mixing and matching their existing pieces with fresh additions to elevate their style and boost their confidence. It's all about helping them stand out and feel their absolute best!”

Need some spring styling advice? You can book Kelsey for a Seasonal Refresh now!

Contributing Writer: Alexis Scarlett

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