Glamhive Stylist Lauren Gives Us All The Insider Tips On Men's Spring Style

We sat down with Glamhive stylist Lauren "Lou" Francis Martens to pick her brain on men's style and the biggest spring trends.  She also shared her inspiration when she styles her clients, which include NFL athletes, actors, musicians, CEOs, and everyday individuals (nbd, right?). 

We know many people think only celebrities work with stylists, but we see so many people find the joy in working with a stylist regularly through Glamhive. In fact, it is even better when it is a regular part of your upkeep routine!  So we asked Lou- What are some common issues men come to you with?  

"Many of my male styling clients often ask for help in putting together outfits that look cohesive and stylish, wanting advice on how to mix and match different pieces effectively. Additionally, a lot of them wonder what styles would suit their body shapes best, especially if they've never had clothes tailored beyond suits. I enjoy helping them discover how to create put-together looks and find clothing that flatters their individual frames, boosting their confidence in their everyday style."


Working with a stylist can be intimidating at first.  What can a client expect when working with you?

"Clients working with me can expect a transformative journey where getting dressed becomes an enjoyable and educational experience. Through a wardrobe detox, we declutter items that no longer serve them, making space for a curated selection shopped for them that truly embodies their individual style. This process not only enhances their wardrobe but also offers valuable insights into the brands, colors, and styles that work best for their individual personality and build.  With my attentive listening skills and extensive experience, I empower clients to confidently express themselves through their clothing choices and might just make them fall in love with pieces they never would have chosen for themselves.

We asked Lou to share some of her favorite trends for men this Spring and she gave us her top three:  

1. Lightweight neutrals and tonal looks, offering a sophisticated yet effortless style for the modern man. She suggests this jacket


2. Embracing both functionality and style, utilitarian denim looks merge rugged durability with a modern take on timeless classics. 

 Shop this look from Hiroshi Kato


3. Minimalist sophistication, with clean lines, subtle detailing, and muted tones, reflecting a refined aesthetic for a contemporary but classic look 

Shop this look at Todd Snyder.  


 There are SO many brands out there, so how do you know where to shop?  We recommend you ask the pros! We were lucky enough to have Lou give her top places she shops for her male clients:

  • Todd Snyder 
  • Buck Mason 
  • Mr. Porter 
  • Hiroshi Kato 
  • Eleventy Milano 
  • Louis Vuitton x Pharell Williams 

Wonder who exactly Lou works with?  Us to!  So we asked. 

"My profession involves collaborating with a diverse range of people, including NFL athletes, actors, musicians, CEOs, and everyday individuals. Regardless of who I am Styling, my primary objective is to understand and refine each client's individual style, ensuring that their outward appearance authentically reflects their inner selves. Whether it's a high-profile personality or an everyday person, my focus remains on helping them convey their true essence through their personal style and ultimately helps boost their confidence."

What are 5 pieces you suggest every man has in their wardrobe? 

1. The Perfect T Shirt: 



2. Leather Boots  + Matching Belt: 



 3. Dark well fitted Jeans: 


 4. Structured Blazer: 


5. Suede Jacket: 



How do most clients find you?

Referrals, often I am first booked with the wife or girlfriend who then refer me to their partners.  

What is your most booked service?

The Seasonal Refresh 

What is your favorite styling service to work on?

The (Re)Invention: The reinvention service is a popular choice for clients entering pivotal life stages, ready for a complete rebrand and elevated makeover. I love having the opportunity to transform their style from a blank canvas into a true work of art that illustrates their personality, brand and individual style.

Who are your favorite male style icons?

Pharrell Williams, David Beckham, Harry Styles, Austin Butler, Lewis Hamilton


Want to work with Lauren to update your look? Or maybe have your partner work with her? See all of her services here

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